Friday, April 1, 2011

Another restart

Yet again life is lending it self to gaming. Let me tell you being young and single in Vegas is not conducive to a war gamers life style. But a lad can dream. Right? Anyways my first thing up for offer is for all of you who are interested in the Nap wars New Napoleonic French Vivandieres from warlord games, Bolt action range. This is for all of you that want to play some "7 men of Gascony" games. Secondly I have been bitten by the interwar bug again and am busy putting together my Irish National army for the ICW and some IRA for the Irish war of Independence along with British Empire forces. This has also lead to me, getting a few extra figs to do up the 1930s force so that I can use them for some imagination country's/pulp/fictinal South amrican coutnrys inter-war army/Irish pro-gov Irish forces in some ones English civil war games. I will be posting up pics as they come along. And finally I have will be showing some figs from the "Real Dungeon explores line" from soda pop miniatures. i haven't forgot about my older posts and will eventually get back into these things, its just a case of time, and money.

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