Saturday, October 25, 2014

Family Arms

One idea I also like is using the old family crest as a base for my Retinue. Apparently my line hails from Suffolk and one of use even got recognized by Henry the 8th. According to the records I pulled up one Edmund Moody was a Yeoman to the king and an outing he fell into a stream and apparently was to drunk to get himself out.

Well being no slouch Edmund apparently fished him out of drink. And in Gratitude he was recognized as a Gentlemen, giving him a house, and a pension. Not bad for just doing your job.

Now I know I am not a direct descendent, one of those 3rd son of a 3rd son things. Causing my family to come to the Carolinas in the 1640s.

I am trying to decided what kind of color combination to go with for now. I am torn between a white and black or a white and blue combo.
And a Badge or patch also. Thinking the 3 leafed clover or arm with a sword.


  1. Nice story. I would suggest white and blue myself, perhaps a striped or checkerboard pattern. With a nice creamy white and bright blue, that would look awesome.

  2. Just bought Lions Rampant Myself, me and the guys are doing early period, Saxons, Vikings and Normans. Personally thinking of doing either a Red/Green or Green-Yellow pattern for my guys. Also toying with using the rules for a WFB summer map campaign. Looking forward to more on your front !

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I finally decided on a Green and Red combo. Using the helmet crest of the arms and scimitars as a guide.
    And will also use the Scimitar as a badge.
    I do like the blue and cream idea. And might use it in a future endeavor.