Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Up Date and chewing over some random ideas.

Howdy all, First off, just to let every one know. I have all of my Lions Rampart miniatures assembled and primed. Even have paint on a few. But sadly Do to my brother leaving, to the Czech Republic,a new niece being born and seemingly never ending social engagements. It is taking me longer to complete this project then I had hoped.
But I am still trucking away and hopefully will have some photos posted up before I head to Maryland for Thanksgiving.

I have also been musing over different post apoc scenarios for my home, here in Southern Nevada. Like what advantages it has along with cons.
Very rich in ores and minerals. But the Southern half is a desert and can only maintain a small population. Where as the northern half is very sparsely populated and mountainous, but they are mostly farmers and ranchers. Even with out a bomb landing on Vegas, most of the population would die or kill it self off. The only saving grace is that the hover dam in Boulder city, if well maintained will still provide power for century's to come.
Also water from the reservoir. Hell Boulder would become the regionally hub with water and farms supplied by the Colorado and power from the dam. Vegas actually gets a lot more rain then most folks gives it credit. Its pretty funny watching the strip flood at least once a year.
With out people In a few 5-10 years the strip would be a stream. and most likely by at least 20-30 years there would most likely be a yearly migratory pattern where the Vegas valley will be populated in the winter by herders, who will drive their animals back up to Mt. Charleston in or Red Rock in the summer months.
leavening only a few die hard making a living in what's left of the hot crumbly swampy mess that is left. Well Swampy in the spring, and winter. Dry and parched in the fall and summer.
the freeways from LA and heading in all directions from the city will be unusable because of all the abandoned cars and trucks on the roads. Great for metal scavengers, but the roads will remain this way until the next great civilization pulls the wreaks off the roads.

Over time if no greater outside force arrives, Boulder and Laughlin will come to dominate the regions smaller valleys and famer settlements. Mostly because of their locations next to running rivers and tight control of the power from the dam. Because who ever controls that, controls the lower Colorado, they can cut off water at will and then unleash it all in one go flooding the whole region south, simultaneously bring life and death in equal measure.

The Major influences on the reaming societies, will very depending on which of the few reaming communities a person comes from.
Up in Northern eastern Clark county, along with a few of the more water active valley. Ranching and substance farming will be the order of the day. The most powerful individuals will be the Cattle barons, lords, Chefs or whatever you want to call them.
This description honestly describes lots of central and northern Nevada as well.

Then you have Mining, communities. One thing I was surprised to find while driving around was to see whole Mountains of undeveloped red stone and rock. Meaning Iron. Nevada is a very mineral rich state with silver, gold, and a whole list of other ores that will take to long to list.
But that means there will be small towns and prospector communities in locations where it does not make much sense to make a town. Goldfield comes to mind when talking about a prospector town gone bust. Look it up some time.

Nevadans seem to be pretty open and accepting(of course there is an asshole every place you go.) but at the same time we like to be left alone to do are own thing. I am sure this describes most people around the world, but when you leave the cities it really feels like you are back in the old west. Pretty cool for a history nut like me, but sucks if your a teenager stuck in one of those small towns.
But in a post Apoc setting every place will be like that.

The Colorado river and the Hover Dam will be very prominent. They provide the major power and water for the area, so who ever controls the dam, controls southern Nevada and lots of northern Arizona and into California. the Question is, will it be the locals from Bolder? Or a contingent of the old city of Las Vegas. Or will it be some completely new group?

Mormons will also form a very large component. Clark country use to be part of Deseret, and in down town Vegas is the old Mormon Fort. One of the first permanent settlements in the valley. With their community support system and habit of hording supplies. Along with a focuses on marring young and producing lots of children. I can see them becoming a major component of any severing population.
That is if they can organize a defense against the collapse of civil law.

Southern Nevada is also very heavily militarized. At least as far as the Air force is concerned. We even have a light mechanized element with Bradley's and Abrams for the national training center in Irwin.

So to end it.

Cattle Ranchers.
Mineing communities.
Mormon Wards.
The Colorado.
Hover Damn.
Las Vegas.
The Military.

I suppose lots of this has already been covered in Games like Wasteland 2 or Fallout New Vegas, but this is my own thoughts on it.