Monday, April 13, 2015

Testing a Monstrously Powerful 30mm Cannon on a Stryker 8X8 APC (The Ben...

I hope they can figure out if they want to use this or not.


  1. Yikes. That's even scarier than the 20mm auto cannon on our Canadian LAVs. I wonder what the tradeoffs are in terms of decreased mobility with that bigger turret?

  2. Well from what I understand the turret is controlled from a fire station. Kind of like the crow systems used in the current Stryker's and MRAPs. So it can still hall a 9 man squad.
    My guess is that the trade off will limits air mobility. I would have to check to see what the load capacity on a c-130 is, to confirm that. But yeah they are even looking at up gunning the Bradly's. I am all about it personally and change out the TOWs for Javelins.
    Also if they change to this turret arrangement, might be able to make a Bradly a 9 man IFV. I am sure there is some thing I haven't thought of, Most likely that it will be more expansive in at time of draw downs. So maybe 1-2 per a platoon. But who know's Still in testing it out apparently.
    But I am a fan, especially considering the 105 mobile gun isn't performing as well as they wanted it to.