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Zubrowka armed forces pre and post world war 2

Zubrowka armed forces at the turn of the 20th century was composed of 4 wings.

The Polize-Militia:
It's main strength lays in the Polize-Militia. Whos duties intel, law enforcement, boarder security, prison guards, anti-partisan activities, customs duties, and provide postal guards.

The Standschützen now are regulated by the Polize-Militia and during times of civil emergency or war will supplement rear police duties.

And finally there is the Field-Polize brigade who are equipped as a mixed infantry, cavalry brigade with out any artillery. They preform police and military duties in war time.

pre war their structure was

Staff HQ company
Support company
Kitchen company
veterinarian company
Medical platoon
Engineer platoon
Mechanic platoon (after 1917)
transportation company (motorized after 1930)

Combat units
Armored car company (after 1917)
machinegun company
2 infantry battalions
1 Mounted police battalion

The Zubrowkain Landwehr:
The Zubrowkain Landwehr is the active and reserve military of Zubrowka.

The Territorial Landwehr is tasked with guarding Zubrowka it self, while they can be used for offensive actions. They primarily train to man the bastion towns and forts on the frontiers

There are three Garrison divisions, kept at quarter strength with only the HQ and first company of each battalion kept at full strength with another filled on a monthly basses with rotational reservists. Call ups of mustered out reserve army forces would make up the difference.
Most men in the Garrison division are completing their 2 years of national service, with skilled men doing 5 years of national service. With a bi-yearly training call ups until the man reaches the age of 33.
But healthy skill males can remain in service untel they are 45

The Garrison Divisions are mostly an administrative formation, with the units split up between different garrisons.

The reserve army is comprised of all abled bodied males between the age 20 and 45, with exclusions for health, and for skilled workers and labors (farmers, industrial workers,..etc)
The healthy but faint of heart or religious conscientious objectors will serve in the medical corps or in some support function.

A young, fit and motivated Zubrowkain male can find himself in one of the 3 Field Divisions. These units are kept at half strength during peace time with only the Zig-Zag Armor Regiment(Lutz) The Jäger corps from Greater Zubrowka, and the Blitzer Regiment of Lesser Zubrowka.

The Zig-Zag Armored Regiment was formed during the great war to take advantage of new technology and lots of cheap tanks from the allied forces.

Staff HQ company
Support company
Kitchen company
Medical platoon
Engineer platoon
Mechanic platoon (after 1917)
transportation company (motorized after 1920)
Horse Guard Parade company(Guard the Parliament and King Dmitri und Taxis the 15ths residence)
Scout company Horse or motorcycle

combat units
3 Tank Battalions (the 3rd battalions first and HQ company are kept as a training formation. while the other 3 companies are deployed to the colonies)
1 Heavy tank Battalion
1 Artillery battery
1 Anti air Battery

The Jäger corps formed from sharp shooters, and fit men from the mountains and forests.

Staff HQ company
Support company
Kitchen company
veterinarian company
Medical platoon
Engineer platoon
Mechanic platoon (after 1917)
transportation company (motorized after 1920)
Forward Scout Jägers company

Jäger school

Combat units
6 Jäger battalions (2 battalions are on rotation in the colonies and one assigned to the Merchant Navy as a Marine Jäger battalion)
2 Jäger machinegun battalions
1 Jäger light gun Battery

The Blitzer Regiment was formed after the Great War and comprised mostly German and Austrian Storm trooper veterans. They set up the Blitzer school and helped bring modern fire and maneuver tactics to the Zubrowkian military.

Staff HQ company
Support company
Kitchen company
Medical platoon
Engineer platoon
Mechanic platoon (after 1920)
transportation company (motorized after 1920)
Scout company

Blitzer school

4 Blitzer Battalions (one battalion is assigned to the Merchant Navy on a yearly rotation)
2 Machinegun Battalions
1 Storm Gun Battery

The Zubrowka Airontica also Falls under the Army
With 2 squadrons of Observation fighters, and one Transport squadron.

The Merchant-Navy:

The Zubrowka Navy is small compared to the great powers with a Heavy cruiser "Grandpa Zubrowka" being the largest ship. With 1 destroyer and 8 corvettes (also known as postmen ships because they usually carry messages and dignitaries)

The Merchant Navy also has 2 Navy tenders, a tanker, 4 heavy freighter's and one Royal Sloop.

To help with emergencies and "to show the guns" 2 Infantry battalions, the Marine Jäger Rgt, and the Blitzer battalion are seconded to the navy from the army. The Marine Jäger Regiment Is a permanent formation that uses navy rank, but trains with the army.
Where as the Blitzer's are completing a year of there 5 year professional regimental duty

The Colonial Militia:

This final organized military is in charged of operations in the colonies.
Bongolesa and The Curry Islands Each have a Battalion of Jägers, a Tank company and two colonial Polize-Milita battalions. Which are supplemented by local, Zubrowkian lead Polize and Assegai battalions.
With numbers and variation of structure beholden to the reality on the ground.

Atlántico on the other hand being relatively peaceful only have one unit of Polize-Militia and the Atlántico regiment for defense and ceremonial duties.

More to come.

Europe Prior to World War I: Alliances and Enemies I PRELUDE TO WW1 - P...

Just found this great YouTube channale that is telling the history of the great war,  by the week. Its currently in week 65

Zubrowka Armed forces. 2

With the new Atlántico territory wetting the Zubrowkiean apatite for new goods and territory, They decided it was time to send off a mission or two to accumulate better trade routs with the east and spice routs.

African Pirates captured the first expedition and demanded ransom for there return. Also they where going to keep all the gifts and trade goods as payment for not killing the Crew.

This resulted in Zubrowkas first short navel war and Amphibious operation, against the pirates of the Bongolese coast.

These short sharp operations secured the sea routs and the port city of Al-Ebaba.

After that it was pretty much smooth sailing to what would become the Zukrowka Curry Islands.
Where the successful trade mission netted access to many trade ports and exclusive trade with the Red, Yellow and Green Curry islands.

After this the Grand Duchy of Lutz-Zubrowka busied it self fighting in one war of session after another. That is up until a fellow named Napoleon showed up with a whole lot of French and overthrow the Duchy and declared a republic.

This whole short affair reminded Zubrowka that it was time for military reforms again, So tactics where updated, the Regiments where increased to Brigades, and the Grand Duke is reinstated.

Zubrowka Armed forces.

The modern Zubrowka armed forces know have been known by mean names and have served many purposes in the countries existence. And many units can trace there histories back to the nations founding after the 30 Year War.

With one of the first edicts of the Grand Duke was to rearm his house hold Zig-Zagers, with horse, back and front plate, helmets, sabers, carbine and a brace of pistols.

"Zig-Zagers are a throw back to ancient Zubrowkean, roughly meaning those or one who scatters and dashing about wildly. Usually drunk, maybe on a horse, most likely stealing some thing and refuses to do real work."

The Zig-Zag Cavalry now an armored regiment, was the first unit of note in modern Europe. Having fought for all side daring the conflict but, also noted for attacking Redforeian forces, or settlements with little to no provocation. Even when on the same side.

3 foot Regiments where also ordered into being, Each was to be out fitted for with pike, shoot, and uniformed at the expense of the state.

these units where for the defense of the state and where supplemented by Jägers and Foresters in the northwest.

Lancers from the eastern marches with Redforea, and Standschützen "Shooting or rifle clubs" from every where else. Standschützen still exist to this day, and were noted for there resistance activities daring the great war and still expected to be called up as a reserve to the reserve forces in case of invasion.

Cannons where supplied by the Lutz cannon foundry and where manned by foreign gunners until native Zubrowken's became proficient in there use.

In 1685 The Zubrowkean Merchant-Navy was officially created to, "To Protect Zubrowkean sovereignty at Sea and to bring back interesting things from Foreign lands."

This coincided with a gift of the Atlántico Islands from Louis XIV for the contribution of troops in his (1683-84) War of the Reunions with Spain.

Which gave The Zubrowkeans valuable experience for the up coming conflicts, which encouraged reforms (ditching pikes and arming every one with muskets) and the rising of 3 new regiments apace in each province. The regulating of the Standschützen into an actual uniformed reserve, the formation of the Jäger corps and Lancers being added to the Zig-Zagers enlarging this formation.

Those Zubrowka was well suited to for the up coming conflicts of the 18th century!

This art work commemorates the death of Grand Duke Dmitri und Taxis the 2nd.

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A Short History of Zubrowka

Zubrowka history going back to classical history With Uzzo being a greek, then Roman, and then Zubrowka territory. (They are a mixed Slav and Germanic people) Who were a farming and herding tribe with their wagons pulled by forest buffalo. :D

The Founder of Zubrowka know as Grandfather Zubrowk founded the capital city of Lutz after prophecy said that they would know their homeland when they saw a black Eagle snare a white dove on a red field and when he spied a Eagle chase down a dove in a field of red poppies he know this was his peoples homeland. A Roman town market town, with baths, and plunder might have helped with that decision.
He then united/conquered the forest and mountain villages, which then allowed him to set his sites on the coastal Greco-Roman towns. When he was an tribute raid he spied a very pretty young Roman noblewomen. And he desired her. She would hear nothing of mirroring a pagan and So he converted and had a rushed wedding and road off with his new wife.
So over a few generations the Zubrowka people converted to slowly stop worshiping their Buffalos and to except Christianity.
So Grandfather Zubrowk not only carved out the territory but also brought them into the greater European and Christian world.
Fast forward a bit, and Zubrowka is pulled into the Holy Roman Empire where their history is dominated by the whims of this greater body until it regains independence in the treaty of Westphalia.
This era is known as the Grand Duchy of Lutz-Zubrowka, where they fought continuously or were in treaty with the old German states, the Austrians and there eastern neighbor Redforea.
And with themselves in the First of many short lived Dynastic conflicts with the notably intertwined Zubrowka noble families.
Dearing this time the newly created Zubrowka Merchant-Navy where able to acquire the caribbean island chain of Atlántico, giving Zubrowka its first steady stream of coco, coffee and sugar.
A quick war with Arab-African Pirates gave Zubrowka it's first African holdings when they took their home ports and slowly though trade and conquest where able to convince the local Sultans to toss in their lot in with the Zubrowkan budding Empire.
Zubrowk-Bongolese eventual provided them with trade from the interior of Africa, a secure sea route to Asia and then slowly as time went on Demands and oil was discovered, past the coastal mountains.
The ocean routs secured, Zubrowka was able to acquire treaty ports from the Spice producing Island peoples which would eventually form into the Zubrowka spice Islands.
But these ports would wait as a seed to Empire, First there was Napoleonic wars and the First short lived Zubrowka republic, after the French Grand Armee arrived and "Liberated" them. A Zubrowkan infantry Brigade and the Famed Zig-Zag cavalary fought for Napoleon in Russian and just as swiftly joined the forces against him after his defeat and exile.

This lead to return of the Grand Duke, who while famously "active" never produced a child. The Grand Duke died in 1834 and this lead to the "Cousins War" With the Noble Taxis of Greater Zubrowka and Royal Zero family of Lesser Zubrowka fighting every summer until 1842. When the people finally tired of the now national game and declared for the First Lutz commune and formed and the 2nd republic.

The nobles finally distracted from their family feud rushed though a Marriage between the two factions, who then surrounded the city with their professional army. After three long months the siege was over. There was still "bandit" activity in the hills but the Royal family was firmly in control for now.
The rebellion slowly changed Zubrowka from a Small Duchy into an Empire. There where too many able bodied peasants to just kill them all, so many of them and there families where given the option to start over in the colonies.
This also helped to bring industrialization to Zubrowka with the lose of cheap labor. With more industry, money, and more activity in the colonies created more government and for the first time, the burger or middle class had an active say and stake in government.

Nationalism was taking hold and Empire was a great drama to read about in the papers. And so campaigns where launched to extend Zubrowk-Bongolese past the coastal planes and mountains to the Bongolese plateau and the head waters of the Bongolese river. With a never ending string of mad Mullahs, rebel Sultans, and savage tribes. There was no end to actions for the newly formed Colonial Police-Militia corp.

Dearing this time by treaty, conversion and clever use of the New Marine regiment Zubrowka was able to secure complete control of the now Zubrowka Spice Islands.

With all this excitement the papers mostly ignored Atlántico. With the abolition of slavery in the 1830s and the huge influx of settlers along with no taboo against ethnic mixing in the Zubrowkain Church meant that soon Atlánticoins where a people unto themselves. Whos children soon become the public face Zubrowkain colonial administration.

By the after the 1840s the trend of noble dynastic struggles gave way to accumulating wealth, going on adventures, and to get a foreign spouse. This brought not only new ideas, styles, and accents. It also made Zubrowka into a parliamentary monarchy, who wants to be bothered with running a country when you get money for just being alive and spend it all trying to out do the other nobs and the new rich.

Every thing was bright for Zubrowka, who even avoided getting dragged into the Great War with their official neutrality respected. With many a Central and Allied powers officer sharing a cigar and brandy on the Zubrowka Riviera.

After the Great War, Zubrowka was enjoy the economic boom of supplying the rebuilding of Europe and even fought a quick successful land grab against the now weakened Redforea.
They even experiment with this new Fascist thing from Italy. New Modern Zig-Zag uniforms become the height of fashion.

This was all well and good, until the 3rd Reich Decided to help out their Italian and Redforea allies in attacking and taking over Zubrowka.

The Royal family and what's left of the government flea to the Colonies. These groups rally the colonial forces and provide the Allies with a infantry division, Tank Regiment and three air squadrons, one each of fighters, bombers and transport. More troops and navy would have been provided but the Pacific squadron was sunk by the Japanese Imperial Navy with the survivors of the Colonial Militia and Marine Regiment marching away to captive or hiding in the hills leading small guerrilla bands until Allied forces liberate the islands at the end of the war.

Mean while Zubrowka itself is not idle and there is an active resistance movement. With a full blown rising in Lutz once the Red army reaches Redforea, but instead of waiting to see what the Soviets will do, the Western Allies land Zubrowka Marine commandos in Uzzo and drop troops from the Para-Blitzer regiment behind Lutz blocking German garrison troops and saving/arming the home army.

General Henckels.

A former Police inspector Lands with the Zig-Zag armor Regiment and pushes to the Capital, officially liberating the capital and pushing the remaining Germans out of the country. Much to the chagrin of the soviets and the Zubrowka Red army.

The next post will deal with Zubrowka in the cold-war and modern era.

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A little bit more on Zubrowka

Welcome back to Zubrowka!

Have a complementary and traditional Pevo and Vodka on us!

To help with your understanding of Zubrowka the State has tourist board has released this info. About are great country and beautiful country!

From are Magnificent Alpine hills and forest in the west, are productive and fertile fields in the west,

Most people do not know this but Zubrowka is not just one great country, no we are a great multi-cultural society! Comprised of three, yes three states that comprise the Great Zubrowka Union!

There is Greater Zubrowka:
Greater Zubrowka is located in the north and west of are great nation, with are world famous mountain top observatory, ski resorts, pine forest, quaint traditional hill town of Jägerplatz, where the mining, of salt, Iron, coal and timber crafts are practiced.
Last but not least there is the centuries old mountaintop Monastery of the "Holy Spirit".

The south and east of are Great nation comprises the state of Lesser Zubrowka.

Lesser Zubrowka is home to are vast fertile farm country, where can be found are world famous Zubrowka distillers' and some of the worlds only surviving herds of the central European forest buffalo, that also produce are nations traditional buffalo cheese.
To the south can be found are much loved Zubrowka Riviera with its Mediterranean port town of Uzzo. Known for its casinos, fishing, traditional glass, film fests and abalone art, it is place not to be missed!

And Finally there is the central State and capital city of Lutz!
(yes the Zubrowka Right party uses this as there banner also, but it was the Flag of the Zubrowka Empire and of Lutz long before it was adupted by reactinarys and replaced by the Zubrowka Try Colors with the Zero family lions.)

Are great city of Lutz can far surpasses in elegance, and 18th century charm many other famous cities like Vienna, Florence, Paris. We have it all with are world renowned Lutz Museum of the arts

Are stately parliament building
And Herr Medl's confections

Lutz is also home the Zubrowk University, are nations heavy industry and are booming tech sector!

So come and visit Zubrowka! We accept US dallors, Euros and of course are national currency of Klubecks!

And don't forget your Passport!

The Malayan Emergency

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Welcome to the Republic Zubrowka

Well I figured I should add some thing to the Blog.
Still having troubling sleeping with out the dog keeping watch, but I guess that is part of morning process.

But I have not been totally idle.

While trying to figure out a way to use my Empress Ultra modern Russians and BMP3 with out using too many real world events as the Bases. And it hit me while watching "The Grand Budapest Hotel". A great movie if you haven't seen it you must.

But back to the subject at had. The Republic of Zubrowka (apparently named after a polish vodka) is the setting for the movie. Its got a nods to a fascist government, conquest by a meaner bigger nation to there north, communist domination of the country liberation and a modern world where what seems a normal (for western Europe that is) Social Democracy is holding sway.

There is a capital city called Lutz. A mix between Vienna, Budapest and Prague so I guess that Zubrowka is a mix of those nations too.

A world famous pastry called Courtesan au Chocolat made by Herr Mendl's pastry.

So its got a little bit of clutter to make it lived in.

So now for the factions.

There is the far right wing party ran by Dmitri und Taxis Grand son, who also shares his name, looks, and bad attitude.
Flag of the Zubrowka Right party.

Comprised of the usually mix of football hooligans, bully boys, Thugs, angry young men and pissed off old men. All who think Zubrowka would be better with all the things those type always seem to cling too.

The Zig-Zag patch is the symbol they sport when they go to rallies, (too beat up and get beating up by the Zubrowka social people party) Football and curling matches, for a pub crawl or when the more militant decided to play solder and camp in the woods.

The Zubrowka social Peoples party are the raiment's of the old communist government, just kinder, gentler, with out secret police and political prisons. They spend their time striking for equality, striking for better wages, striking for more pay, striking for more vacation time, striking protest the existence of the Zubrowka's Rights party.

The May 5th Revolutionary guard People rights storm assault column.
Was originally a social club for old party members and veterans of the Great Patriotic peoples Revolution and liberation struggle.
But now its a place for nostalgic, and idealistic youth. Who want to bring back the good old days of Zubrowkas peoples republic.

And finally there is the Governments Polize Militia

Kubrowka national embalm.

The Polize Militia are a paramilitary style force, with both police and military powers.
With a mixed Armor Mech Blitzer brigade, a Para-helicopter trained Special Action battalion, 3 field Polize brigades(motorized) and one special civil action battalion.

And I am thinking this is the look I want to go for.

And here is the start.