Tuesday, November 3, 2015

US and Chinese Korean War Winter Uniforms 1951 US Army, from The Big Pic...


  1. Fascinating. I love the cheesy background music. I am guessing that was done as propaganda to show the folks at home that 1951 would be better than the previous year when the troops were surrounded by the Chinese at the Choisn Resevoir in a brutal winter. While the video tries to reassure by showing how pitiful the PLA were equipped, it actually does them a compliment by showing how resilient they were. My dad was in Korea and had nothing but respect for the Chinese troops. He once told me that at night you could always hear them digging and improving their positions, even when the ground was frozen. Good way to stay warm, I guess.

    1. My old Platoon Sergeants would agree that work is a great way to stay warm. And I agree this defiantly has that, "Gee! Look how bad the reds have it!" feel.
      I am still a big fan boy of this conflict and still hoping that some one will kick off a decent range of figures for it soon. I actually just got done watching "One Minute to Zero".
      I think I like it because its not World War 2 or Vietnam both of which get a lot of attention. But of those conflicts had a begging, middle and end. But aside from a few neo-Nazis the Reich is dead and America trades with Vietnam now.
      North and South Korea are still divided and the war is still not over. It should that the US was willing to spend blood and treasure over what was seen as a back water then. And showed the American people that despite having Atomic bombs, we still had to be active and some times fight for what we thought was right.
      Then of course their is the U.N. Mandate. Back when the U.N. still had some teeth and tried to get directly evolved "and not just write disapproving letters".
      A multinational force fought in the conflict! lots of options for gaming, The Chinese "despite being poorly kited and trained" showed that a highly motivated army, could take on a modern mechanized army and keep it from delivering a knock out blow.
      Masters of infiltration and camouflage they negated lots of the U.N. forced local fire superiority. they paid for it in lives but, defiantly showed that china could punch above its weight.