Thursday, June 23, 2016

Some updates on Cascadia

I am going to do some Changes for the military background.
The Navies F18 growler fighter wing, one F18 Hornet Fighter wings and will go to the Air Force.

The C-40 Clipper Squadron will Also got into the Air forces First Logistics command wing.

Leavening the Navy with its helicopters, one F18 Hornet Fighter wing and one F18 growler fighter wing.

The Air force will have its name changed to the Cascadian Air Defense Corp, Army to Cascadian Defense Forces and Navy to Cascadian Maritime Defense Force.
The ADC also Fall's under the CDF as the over all command branch. But it gets its own funding and like how the USMC is separated from the navy.

the ADC strength now stands at.

First Theater command wing.
1 F-15 Strike Eagle Fighter Wing
2 F-15 C/D fighter Wings
1 A-10 Fighter Wing
1 F18 growler fighter wing
1 F18 Hornet Fighter wings
1 JATC Forward Air Controller wing.
1 F-22 Squadron (being made into a wing once the rest of the planes arrive and pilots complete there training)

Drones are also being fully being used but I honestly don't know much about them so will have to look it what is plausible before I add them to the roster.

First Logistics command wing
Will consist of
1 C-40 Clipper Squadron (used as a more comfortable transport for military in a none tactical environment and often used for diplomatic missions.
2 C-17 Wings (One active/one Reserve)
1 C-130 Air lift Wing
2 Refueler Kc-135 Stratonker. (one Active/ one Reserve)
2 C-17 Wings (One Active/ One Reserve)
1 P-3 Orion Squadron

The ADC is experimenting with using civilian model or military model transports as drone carriers.

My finally change is that Medical, Supplies, logistics, communication..etc all go to the same school's. So the Logistics Corp members are just as likely to find them self's working on an Airfield, a CDF Camp or a Navy Cutter.
With only the combat and force specific job specialties having their own separate schools.

The CDF and MDF basic training is 8 weeks. This of course is an interdiction to the military and it way of life. The Ground combat school is where all Riflemen, Infantry and Navy infantry learn their trade before going to armor, mech, commando or Ranger training.

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