Monday, November 21, 2016

Hitler's Britain WWII Documentary

I am sure there are lots of holes in this. But still interesting.


  1. Nice find, thanks!

    I think it was quite well done and pretty accurate over all (from what I've read at least). I particularly liked that they avoided the old cliche of Moseley in charge and went for the much more realistic concept of Lord Halifax.

    Halifax nearly became prime minister instead of Churchill in reality, but fortunately Chamberlain decided Churchill was the guy to take his place in the event. There seems to be little doubt that Halifax would likely have surrendered once France fell.

    1. Your welcome Jim.
      One good thing about my history ADD is that I find all kinds of random and interesting eras and subjects. This being one of them.
      I have heard of Lord Halifax before but only along the lines that Churchill was chosen over him.