Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OK back at it

Ok partying my butt off and school starting agine has put a dampaner on my "Hobbies"
In the Mean, Warhammer Ancient Battles has tooken a bite out of me and I fell hard. I dug out the old rule sets that have been collecting dust on my book shelf and poped them open and I am vary happy with what I saw.
I am currently bulding at lest 2 Romen legions that will be used in a (distant) future Roman civilwar. I will be useing the forces from the WAB rule set for them and also I am makeing a Dacian army useing the Armes of antiquity and barbarians hoards army also from the WAB rule set.
There are 2 things that kick started me into this era they are as fallows.
One. The abilty to make a qick and relativly "Cheap" army useing all the plastics that are now on the market and two. Iron Mittien!
Checkout his Blogspot at and if your not inspired to march on rome, then I say you dont have pulse.
Oh and yes on to the Shildwall segment, I was busy talkin to a friand and fellow gamer at the local store and in what can only be discribed as a bout of more money then brains I orderd the Saxon starter army from Gripping beast.
Now fall of the west and Saxon england have always been an intresting era for me so we shell see what direction this heads to then.
Pics will be posted soon.

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  1. Hi,

    just discovered your blog thanks to your comment on Anatoli's ('FIW militia veterans').
    Was very interested [re. my post on Anatoli's TMP thread] by your reference to your Imagi-Nation (set in the 18th C., I guess, given the comment was about men in tricornes? And indeed you posted about the FIW -with a'twist': as they say Great Minds think alike! Hope you'll keep exploring this direction.

    Now, if I may: your blog is just beginning but soon it will grow in size like Alice in Wonderland. Since you intend to treat very diverse eras -modern, FIW, Ancients... I strongly suggest you 'label' your posts accordingly (it can be done a posteriori with the 'edit posts' utility). When you blog is hundred posts long -and it will come ssoner than you think, i hope & wish for) labels will greatly facilitate the exploration of your archives. Don't be mistaken by the 'diary' aspect of a blog: your posts accumulated along the months will become a rich 'library' of information for newcomers and veterans alike. Labels would make searching these archive for posts dealing with a given period / subject so much easier / reader friendly.