Thursday, April 22, 2021

First step into Early Tudor/Renaissance 28mm

Inspried by Stuart Army Royal blog. I have decided to dip my toe into Early Renaissance Wargameing, by ordering some of this Tudor Dollies. Which are sold by steelfist minatuers in their Italian wars range. Adding some Perry WOTR's bow's, Bill's, Bit and Boom! Your done. Well not compleatly done. Got to add some sleaves to them. So here is the first 3. They are to have been primed and will start painting them to night.
The Visers and rivet are where made useing pressmoldes. From Warlord Games plastic landsknechts. I am looking forward to painting my first White Jackets.
Found this images on Stuarts Pintrest Page, Man is a gold mind of information about this era. I also have been useing a few books to get me primed for this era, and have been slowly grinding through them.
I have also been grabing all the Ospreys I can find on the era, Flodden 1512, Scotish Renaissance, Gallowglass, Landskanects..Etc. Got them all, and Helion and Company will be realseing a book in June titled. "The Tudor Arte of Warre 1485-1558: The conduct of war from Henry VII to Mary I" (Retinue to Regiment). Which I already have on preorder. Thanks for your time, and I hope you all found this intersting. I know pretty much post nothing but videos, but this is still a hobby page at heart. Oh and my faithful compainon on my long nights.
Prefured Music to listion too while working on said mins.