Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A few notes on PLA Squad TO&E

From the Rising dragon, bear resurgent FB group.
Chinese mech inf squad is 7 dismounts normally (with one SAW/LMG and one 120mm PF-98 AT launcher)
Chinese leg infantry squad is 9 personnel ((with one SAW/LMG and one 120mm PF-98 AT launcher))
Pers also can carry disposable AT launcher as required.
There are some variations though, with two LMGs (army aphibious troops) or a 35mm auto-GL vice the 120mm AT weapon (Marines), or 2 120mm AT rocket launchers.
Leg Platoon has three squads plus plt cdr. Company has three platoons plus 4 officers and 7 enlisted men.
Wikipedia page says this about squad TO&E.
"A mechanized infantry squad consists of nine men; six armed with QBZ-95 assault rifles, one machine gunner and crewman, and one RPG gunner. Non-mechanized infantry are soldiers moved by truck. A non-mechanized squad consists of 12 men; the original nine men plus one extra machine gun crew and RPG. Troops wear green-patterned camouflage uniforms, combat helmets, and flak jackets (ballistic vests with ceramic plates are only issued in rare cases). The dismounted squad has two walkie-talkie radios, while the vehicle has a longer range radio and intercom system."
And the Osprey book "the Chinese liberation Army since 1949" says.
The PLA fallow a 9-12 man rifle squad depending on task and such. With a Squad LMG/SAW, and anti-tank gunner with type69 or PF-98, 6 riflemen including squad leader and marksmen.
While Mech units supposedly have a organization of two 5 men teams, headed by the Squad and assistant Squad leader. Each team also has a LSW and a grenader ( most likely the under barrel type).
The list goes on to show company support options and higher levels of organizations. But I belive it was published in 2011-12 so thing like the sniper gernade launcher are left out. And I would like to know where it would fit in to the regular platoon, company etc org.

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