Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just leting ever one know I am alive.

I am sorry for dropping the ball on the blog.
You will be happy to know that I have at least been vary busy in the gaming world that is.
Played a few games of Nobel Armada "A call to Arms", and have ordered a Hawkwood fleet to be my fist fleet. the games were fun, fast, and the rules were easy to play. I highly recommend it, and to top it off the Fleets are relatively cheap!
Give it a look,

I have also finished painting the First batch of Heroes for Really Dungeon Explore, and once I find my cam I will take some pics.

Also I am currently painting up, Some 15mm GZG mins and will also post up the mins when I they are completed.
Also, has any one else been haveing troble posting comments on other folks blogs? If you have figuerd out how to fix it let me know please.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Minie book review

I don't know how many of you out there in blog land are fan's of Mr. Dan Abnett, But I have been a fan for years.
What brought this up was a recent read titled, "Embedded"
Its not related to any of his other Sci-fi offerings from GW.
That being said its an excellent stand alone near futer offering.
the offering starts of with.
"The colony planet of Eighty0Six looks as dull as all its fellow new worlds to veteran journalist Lex Falk. But when a local squabble starts to turn violent. And the media start getting the runaround from the military high command, his interest is seriously piqued.
Forbidden form approaching the battle zone, he gets himself chipped inside the head of a combat veteran - and uncovers the story of a life time. when the soldier is killed, however, Falk must use all his resourcefulness to get safely back home again....and blow the lid off the whole damn thing."
the characters are easy to fallow and are believable. The build up to action is smooth, and filled with the gritty discritpions that the author is known for.
So in a nut shell. A good read, Great if you looking for some gritty sci-fi action, and are ma by looking for a new setting for your next table top sci-fi adventer.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

GZG update.

Jon from Ground Zero games has updated his page and posted up that soon, the store will be up to orders soon.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seeing as how I have failed again to deliver in a timely manner I must post some thing on here.
And for any that have a problem with it. Check out the song below.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Another restart

Yet again life is lending it self to gaming. Let me tell you being young and single in Vegas is not conducive to a war gamers life style. But a lad can dream. Right? Anyways my first thing up for offer is for all of you who are interested in the Nap wars New Napoleonic French Vivandieres from warlord games, Bolt action range. This is for all of you that want to play some "7 men of Gascony" games. Secondly I have been bitten by the interwar bug again and am busy putting together my Irish National army for the ICW and some IRA for the Irish war of Independence along with British Empire forces. This has also lead to me, getting a few extra figs to do up the 1930s force so that I can use them for some imagination country's/pulp/fictinal South amrican coutnrys inter-war army/Irish pro-gov Irish forces in some ones English civil war games. I will be posting up pics as they come along. And finally I have will be showing some figs from the "Real Dungeon explores line" from soda pop miniatures. i haven't forgot about my older posts and will eventually get back into these things, its just a case of time, and money.