Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In responce to Arlequín's World posting.

This is a link to his post. http://jim-hale.blogspot.com/2012/04/dieselpunk-atompunk-retrofuture-and-all.html I really like all the ideas he posted up. They might actually inspire me to paint up my bolt-action now warlord game French. But I am think that it might make me actually go along with an idea I have had ever since I saw the movie. "It happend here". I know the idea of doing an after Sea lion resistance is nothing new, but I am talking a year two after. With the UK government relocated to Canada. With what's left of Northern Ireland and the north sea islands being staging points for raids against the german occupiers. If I did that, I am thinking of using the BUF as the anti-resistance government forces under a subdued puppet Mosley. But I don't know if I would use regular tommys for any thing other then the defense of N. Ireland, and maybe just use commando's, and para's. Or maybe use US Airborne to represent the new UK army supplied and with US kit. Might even do up a few BUF Storm Squads in German or Waffen-SS uniforms with the lighting bolt on arm bands and union jacks. These will be the hardcore anti- subersversive elements. they of course are also the training cadre for the "Anglo" or "Saxon" or the English corp. being trained up to go fight on the still on going war on the eastern front. Do you think that they would use them for anti-partisan warfare in the UK? Or do you think that this would most likely be left up to Military police, and the other such unit the germans had?