Tuesday, August 28, 2012


After having watched the HBO serous ROME, I am inspired to restart my long stalled Early Imperial Rome Legion Project. So last weekend I made my way down to the storage shed. Were I fought manfully threw the dust and the heat to retrieve my hobby truck to save my long forgotten army.
In it we find. "Warlord Games" 15 western archers 16 eastern archers 72 Imperial Roman Auxiliaries 120 Imperial Roman Legionaries 40 Imperial Roman Vets 20 Praetorian Guard And a whole mess of Celt skirmishers, along with a few boxes full of a mixed bag of War games Factory plastics.
Rules I currently have are the Old WAB rules set, and "Augustus to Aurelian" from Too Fat Lardies. I am thinking of picking up Hail Cesar rules when I get paid. Wish me luck.

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