Monday, January 27, 2014

Op Red Wings. Photo Memories

Photo Memories

Some of you may or may not know, that I was on Op Red Wings as part of a regional QRF. I was in Charlie company 2-504 PIR(parachute infantry regiment) 82nd Airborne.

In light of the new movie "Lone survivor", I thought I would share a few photos from that operation. None of the pics will show any thing that is sensitive or graphic. Just patrols.
I didn't do any thing heroic or "Cool" up there, just did my job. And by the grace of god, luck or what ever you believe in, none of my buddies were lost up on that mountain.

The first pic is just before we Ex-filled. We had to walk off the hill and wait for Gunship and ground support before we could leave.
We were kind of screwing around at this point. And don't worry, we had lots of dudes pulling security at this time and we just got back from doing a resupply run in the valley. So we dropped kit.

Loading up to go in.

Back view of a "Shit-Hook" As you can see lots of Afghanistan can be pretty green.

Joint patrol in the valley with ANA, Just to let you know it was the height of summer so the temp was hitting an average of 110-120 degrees.

This is a photo a patrol on the mountains.

And this is a photo of me.
And this is a photo of me.

I didn't take any of the photos and the ones I have were giving to me by some of my Airborne buddies.