Friday, February 28, 2014

Finished up the Sci-fi dude from last week.

Finished up basing the buy from last week.

I really like how the dark green and orange contrast. Think I will keep it up for my sci-fi crew once/if warlord games every starts releasing there BGOA range of sci-fi mins.

also need to get a camera because the phone just isn't cutting it.

 photo 1198f9c1-e572-4ca1-a1e1-38a18c65ed20.jpg

 photo WP_000670.jpg

 photo WP_000669-1.jpg

 photo WP_000668.jpg

 photo WP_000667-1.jpg

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

GOA "Hansa Nairoba" And WM Mechanic

These are two figs I worked on last night. The Privateer press Kordor Mechanic just got some touch ups.

the other Model is from Warlord games "beyond the Gates of Antares" Hansa Nairoba model. One of the only figs to come out from the failed kickstarter. Apparently Rick Priestley is getting WLG's to give him another chance, and they are working on getting a new range of Sci-fi mins along with new rules out. We shell see what comes of that.

But I am getting side tracked. haven't been able to get much painting done as of late because of school and work but these are the fruit of long distance movie night with the GF.

the Hansa fig needs to be based and some touch ups but, I am happy with it so far. At first I was I was not a fan of Hansa. But while looking over my "mechanic" I noticed there similarity.
I have been using Him as my representative in some traveler games. What was supposed to be a one off character took on a personality that I would like to keep on using in the future.
That of a grimy, lecherous, Expert mechanic in are citizen X campaign.
He is crude, usually drunk, but some how always gets that little extra out of the ship and isn't to bad in a scrap ether.
But what I was lacking was a suitably military looking fig for the down and dirty operations when its all combat. So the Hansa fig works perfectly for that.