Friday, July 18, 2014

What's going on with the Lead Adventure forum?

What's going on with the Lead Adventure forum?
That is the question I am posting to the folks that graciously fallow my blog.. (Even though I am not that active)

Are they doing updates? Did they get flagged and removed? Did Germany fall to the Alien invaders?



  1. I'm not entirely certain Chris. I know the last time was a problem with the host company's servers which took a few sites offline, so perhaps that is it again.

    I've had nothing through from Alex or Chris via e-mail, so I'm just as much in the dark too.

    Given that it went down in the middle of the night here in Europe, I suspect a server problem though and 24 hrs on there seems no change.

    1. Thanks for the reply Jim
      Just got to take the wait and see approach. I am betting on a server problem or crash myself.

      So hope you have a good weekend planed and cheers.