Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lion Rampart

It seems the bug has bite, and I ordered myself a copy of Lions Rampart.
Needless to say I can not wait to get my retinue started. And I have many ideas as to what I would like to and if I don't get my ideas down LR will go the way of many of my other uncompleted projects.

I have a very elaborate and fictionally background that I am working on, using Clark County and my home of Las Vegas as a city State. That I will be using for a big project in the near future. But I think I will start small.

Using ideas inspired from reading some posts from LADFs and other Bloggers.

I decided to go for a WOTR style English house hold Retinue. So I will make 1 group of Foot Men-at-Arms, 2 groups of Expert Archers and Export least to start. I plane on adding mounted versions too. Using the Perry Bro's Mounted Sargent plastic set when it comes out.
And I will make some less well armed group of foot Yeomen and some Bidowers.

This is what I have, and I am waiting for the plastic Men-at-Arms.

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