Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Actually geting some hobby stuff done.

It interesting what you can accomplish when you have a girlfriend who enjoys the hobby and encourages you to paint.

Still a little rusty, but the guy in orange was from a past panting period. But now going to stick with the Red and Green this time.

 photo wotr 2.jpg

 photo wotr 1.jpg

 photo wotr.jpg

Next is my first model from Warlord Games,"Beyond the Gates" of Antares line.

 photo boro test 1.jpg

 photo boro test 2.jpg

And finally but not least. Is from the Armies Army SANO line.

 photo armies army pla 2.jpg

Privet First class Lee, of the Peoples Liberation Naval infantry Corp.

 photo armies army pla 3.jpg

 photo Armies army pla.jpg

 photo Armies army pla 1.jpg

And yes Armies Army figs are 15mm.

Oh and music at this late hour.


  1. Congratulations on finding a girl who likes painting. She sounds like a keeper. I've been looking at those SF Antares figures on the Warlord site. Not my cup of tea but I like the sculpts - you did a nice job painting the scaly (rocky? bumpy? ) skin.

    1. I do count myself lucky in that regard. Don't know what she sees in me but not complaining.
      And I still don't know if I will play the Antares game, but I do like the sculpts. They have kind of a traveler or Mass Effect feel. And that guy is a boromite. Humans genetically modified centuries ago in the games time line to be harsh condition miner's. So rocky I guess.
      I am still debating about washing/diping him or just leaving as is.