Friday, April 24, 2015

A few more new INQ28 items

First up, Hover Flame/chain sword servitor
 photo WP_001301.jpg

 photo WP_001306.jpg

 photo WP_001302.jpg

I will take care of the gap on his hood.
Any subjections as to how to make, or get convincing tentacles to hang below the robes would be most helpfully. :D

Also a Boltgun cherub, the gears will be cut out and pistol inserted in.

 photo WP_001290.jpg

 photo WP_001291.jpg
Female Agent, or Inquisitor

 photo WP_001272.jpg

 photo WP_001271.jpg

Going to give her a belt, another arm and once my order gets in a heavy revolver.

And a Vet Guardsmen.
 photo WP_001267.jpg

 photo WP_001266.jpg
Parts, Chaos cultists head, Skitarii arms plasma rifle, Cadian body, Legs and SM pouch's front loaded along with a SM big pouch as a Backpack.