Thursday, April 30, 2015

little more work done

Ok some more work done on my INQ28 figs. I Changed the head out on this guy, Thought the chaos cultist mask was just to...Chaosish.
I also added a pistol and holster from war games factory sci-fi troopers, and a long dagger from a Empire hand gunners fig.
 photo WP_001313.jpg

 photo WP_001314.jpg

Added some more cables to the flamer wrath.
 photo WP_001319.jpg

Gun cherub

 photo WP_001315.jpg

 photo WP_001316.jpg

And added a pistol from Zinge Industries to the Interrogator, along with a belt from green stuff and pouches.

 photo WP_001317.jpg

 photo WP_001318.jpg

I need to start priming and painting now.

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