Thursday, October 22, 2015

A little bit more on Zubrowka

Welcome back to Zubrowka!

Have a complementary and traditional Pevo and Vodka on us!

To help with your understanding of Zubrowka the State has tourist board has released this info. About are great country and beautiful country!

From are Magnificent Alpine hills and forest in the west, are productive and fertile fields in the west,

Most people do not know this but Zubrowka is not just one great country, no we are a great multi-cultural society! Comprised of three, yes three states that comprise the Great Zubrowka Union!

There is Greater Zubrowka:
Greater Zubrowka is located in the north and west of are great nation, with are world famous mountain top observatory, ski resorts, pine forest, quaint traditional hill town of Jägerplatz, where the mining, of salt, Iron, coal and timber crafts are practiced.
Last but not least there is the centuries old mountaintop Monastery of the "Holy Spirit".

The south and east of are Great nation comprises the state of Lesser Zubrowka.

Lesser Zubrowka is home to are vast fertile farm country, where can be found are world famous Zubrowka distillers' and some of the worlds only surviving herds of the central European forest buffalo, that also produce are nations traditional buffalo cheese.
To the south can be found are much loved Zubrowka Riviera with its Mediterranean port town of Uzzo. Known for its casinos, fishing, traditional glass, film fests and abalone art, it is place not to be missed!

And Finally there is the central State and capital city of Lutz!
(yes the Zubrowka Right party uses this as there banner also, but it was the Flag of the Zubrowka Empire and of Lutz long before it was adupted by reactinarys and replaced by the Zubrowka Try Colors with the Zero family lions.)

Are great city of Lutz can far surpasses in elegance, and 18th century charm many other famous cities like Vienna, Florence, Paris. We have it all with are world renowned Lutz Museum of the arts

Are stately parliament building
And Herr Medl's confections

Lutz is also home the Zubrowk University, are nations heavy industry and are booming tech sector!

So come and visit Zubrowka! We accept US dallors, Euros and of course are national currency of Klubecks!

And don't forget your Passport!


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    1. Combination of insomnia being unemployed do to injury. Means I have all the time I need to write. Actually trying to write a children's book, using my old hound as the main Character. Don't expect to see much of that on here too soon. But its some thing.

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    1. Thanks, I love making up nations like this. Figured it was time I actually put it on the Blog

  3. I need to Make one of those Passports next.