Saturday, October 24, 2015

Zubrowka Armed forces. 2

With the new Atlántico territory wetting the Zubrowkiean apatite for new goods and territory, They decided it was time to send off a mission or two to accumulate better trade routs with the east and spice routs.

African Pirates captured the first expedition and demanded ransom for there return. Also they where going to keep all the gifts and trade goods as payment for not killing the Crew.

This resulted in Zubrowkas first short navel war and Amphibious operation, against the pirates of the Bongolese coast.

These short sharp operations secured the sea routs and the port city of Al-Ebaba.

After that it was pretty much smooth sailing to what would become the Zukrowka Curry Islands.
Where the successful trade mission netted access to many trade ports and exclusive trade with the Red, Yellow and Green Curry islands.

After this the Grand Duchy of Lutz-Zubrowka busied it self fighting in one war of session after another. That is up until a fellow named Napoleon showed up with a whole lot of French and overthrow the Duchy and declared a republic.

This whole short affair reminded Zubrowka that it was time for military reforms again, So tactics where updated, the Regiments where increased to Brigades, and the Grand Duke is reinstated.

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