Saturday, October 24, 2015

Zubrowka Armed forces.

The modern Zubrowka armed forces know have been known by mean names and have served many purposes in the countries existence. And many units can trace there histories back to the nations founding after the 30 Year War.

With one of the first edicts of the Grand Duke was to rearm his house hold Zig-Zagers, with horse, back and front plate, helmets, sabers, carbine and a brace of pistols.

"Zig-Zagers are a throw back to ancient Zubrowkean, roughly meaning those or one who scatters and dashing about wildly. Usually drunk, maybe on a horse, most likely stealing some thing and refuses to do real work."

The Zig-Zag Cavalry now an armored regiment, was the first unit of note in modern Europe. Having fought for all side daring the conflict but, also noted for attacking Redforeian forces, or settlements with little to no provocation. Even when on the same side.

3 foot Regiments where also ordered into being, Each was to be out fitted for with pike, shoot, and uniformed at the expense of the state.

these units where for the defense of the state and where supplemented by Jägers and Foresters in the northwest.

Lancers from the eastern marches with Redforea, and Standschützen "Shooting or rifle clubs" from every where else. Standschützen still exist to this day, and were noted for there resistance activities daring the great war and still expected to be called up as a reserve to the reserve forces in case of invasion.

Cannons where supplied by the Lutz cannon foundry and where manned by foreign gunners until native Zubrowken's became proficient in there use.

In 1685 The Zubrowkean Merchant-Navy was officially created to, "To Protect Zubrowkean sovereignty at Sea and to bring back interesting things from Foreign lands."

This coincided with a gift of the Atlántico Islands from Louis XIV for the contribution of troops in his (1683-84) War of the Reunions with Spain.

Which gave The Zubrowkeans valuable experience for the up coming conflicts, which encouraged reforms (ditching pikes and arming every one with muskets) and the rising of 3 new regiments apace in each province. The regulating of the Standschützen into an actual uniformed reserve, the formation of the Jäger corps and Lancers being added to the Zig-Zagers enlarging this formation.

Those Zubrowka was well suited to for the up coming conflicts of the 18th century!

This art work commemorates the death of Grand Duke Dmitri und Taxis the 2nd.

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