Friday, May 20, 2016

Cascadia a new Imagine-Nation takes shape.


Cascadia is a bioregion.

Cascadia is a noun and a place.

Cascadian, as an adjective or demonym, means someone or something associated with Cascadia (the bioregion). The name Cascadia comes from the word “cascades” meaning falling water or waterfalls. In the 1820s, David Douglas named the mountain range the Cascades. The name Cascadia in various circles came to mean the whole Pacific Northwest. This bioregion was also called Chinook Illahee in the trade language of Chinook Wawa that was spoken by indigenous and settler people alike. We honor both names as names of this beautiful place.

Cascadia as a geographical region includes most of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and the majority of Idaho as well as northern California, parts of northwestern Wyoming, northwestern Montana, northeastern Nevada, the northwestern corner of Utah, southeastern Alaska, and the southwest corner of the Yukon Territory.

Why not the “Pacific Northwest?” Because the Pacific Northwest is a geographic description based on an Atlantic centered map. By both the place (Cascadia) and the people (Cascadians) remaining as only a geographic description of a distant corner of Atlantic empires, then we do ourselves a great disservice. As “Pacific Northwesterners” we remain a nameless object or second thought to the power centers of Washington DC and Ottawa. By remaining the “Pacific Northwest” the bioregion ends up being an object or description. We have a name, we are Cascadians and we have a home and it is called Cascadia. By giving ourselves and our home a name we empower ourselves and restore the sacredness of the land as a place of home and not a place for “resource extraction” [plunder] for empire or greed!

~ Alexander Baretich

I love the idea of Imagine-Nations and I have always wanted to make one. Inspired by the game "Shattered Union" nation of Pacifica

And the Real world Cascadia movement. I decided to give it a another go.
I don't know if I will make it as big as the Shattered union version ether. But I think I will use the catalyst of a Nuke going off in DC, throwing the whole idea of government succession out of whack.
Texas and California Declare Emergence governments and pretty much succeed from the Union.
This is quickly fallowed by all other states decaling succession with regional alliances or force making new nations out of the old.
Also UN peace Keepers move into the D.C. Crater and Help/occupy (all depends on who you ask) Delaware and Maryland.
Also at this time the Russian Federation Declares that the Alaska Purchase was no longer valid and invades The former northern State.
(This will give me a reason to have my Cascadian troops fighting against Russians to try to keep the pipe-line open. And I will flush out the idea a little more later.)

Also I am thinking of only having it encompass modern day Oregon, Washington, Idaho up to the snake river and a bit of Montana. With the Boarders being the Californa Republic to the south (Nevada gets annexed by CalRep)
The Mormon State of Deseret(Utah) Also to the south.
Canada to the north. It still exists.
And Montana to the East Which is slowly being absorbed by the Planes Confederation and Deseret.


  1. I like it! Go for it... the 'treehugger nation'. ;-)

    Btw, there was a book by Brendan Dubois about UN Peacekeepers facing Militias in the East... it is worth a read, at least I think so.

    1. I will have to look into Mr. Dubois book. Its a constant Paranoid wet dream of the militia types of an invasion of UN types. And they will save America with a bible and a gun.
      I grew up in the "Northwest" when I wasn't in Germany and its a strange mix of city/townie hippie and gun toting country folks.
      One of my friends who recently got back from Eastern Oregon described it as more redneck then Kentucky.
      I am always having to explain to my more liberal friends here in Vegas that they don't want to move Oregon, they want to move to Portland, Corvallis and Eugene. Stay out of Salem, it sucks. :D

    2. Also it will allow field what I want for the most part.
      All of the states guard and active duty military units lead to a pretty impressive arsenal for wargameing too. The only thing they are lacking are Tanks and other Tracked Armored fighting Vehicles.
      Active force wise there are 2 striker brigades, and one national guard striker Birgade spilt between Idaho, WA and OR.
      The forces also come to 3 light/regular infantry Birgades also in the National guard. 2 Guard and 2 Regular F15 squadrens, An A-10 fighter wing. Tons of Air Trans(c-130s,C-17s), arty, Special forces group one and a Ranger Bat.
      The navy is also very active with some thing like 12 ballistic missile subs, 3 sea wolfs, 2 destroyers, 3 active and 2 inactive nuclear carreriers, and all of there combined air wings.
      I will average it out that at least half to three quarters of the old military troops would try to head back to their home states, but that still leaves a lot of equipment and troops left over.
      And nothing says that they can not sale some of those carriers to other countries or convert them to other uses. Those things are huge and expansive. And but you don't want just any one snagging them Maybe sale one to Japan are Sister nation in Friendship and share the same latitude. Maybe kick one out to Australia too.
      Convert some of the nuke subs to regular munitions but keep a few to make sure no one else gets to uppity.
      Need to figure out what uniform/camo pattern I should pick or make for them.
      And fighting with the Russians over Alaska makes since. lots of minerals, oil and fishing are exchanged between both Alaska and the pacific northwest.

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  3. Wow, that is very well thought out. I really appreciate all of the geographic reasoning about why the currently disparate areas would naturally fall together, and I have to compliment your research on an OOB based on current strengths.

    Battle against the Red Menace in Alaska? Now that is the icing on the cake!

    I have a quibble I cannot suppress. (No matter how hard I am trying). My ancestor was a confederate surgeon, and my great grandfather pounded the word into my head when I was a wee one. The word you are looking for is "secede". (I KNOW, I KNOW, it doesn't matter, but I can't help myself. I hear my Great Grandfather's OCD coming out of my own mouth and even I am annoyed by me.)

    1. Thanks Major!
      I take no offence to the correction. (Sadly spelling is not one of my strong suites. I am great a research, but putting my ideas in the written form has always been a pain for me. Years of extra tutoring hasn't helped much ether. HA!)

      I have done even more research and am pretty confident that Cascadia would be a major power house. But I do need to mod the TO&E a bit. Found out that the 116th out of Idaho and Montana is a combined arms Heavy brigade so Abrams and Bradly's. At least that what the wik says.
      But the 3rd bat in Oregon is going over to Striker so who knows.
      Ether way that would still mean that there is enough kit even from being moth balled to field at least 3 Stryker Brigades. At least 2 combined or 2 separate Bats of Bradley's and Abrams and a whole mess of Aviation assists.
      Only thing they will be lacking is the funds to keep the whole thing active at one go. Those big ships and Air Wings take lot of money to keep going.
      California would also be a heavy hitter with all absorbing Nevada Arizona and Western New Mexico. the Bear Flag republic would be a major force to too. Strong pop, major resources and industrial base.
      I have having Utah become a full on theocracy again. Renaming itself Deseret and a call to all true Mormons (lot's don't go back) to come home and protect the New Holy land.
      What they lack in Heavy equipment (still have a lot of f-16s, and very artillery heavy guard) They make up for in innovation, (lots of technical and very armored trucks and tractors) And the ability to mobilize the population.
      (I plane on using some 28mm IDR and modern militia troops to represent them)
      They snag bits of Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado up to Grand junction where they are finally stopped.
      The Free Mountain Republic of Colorado is in a tight spot.
      They have the planes confederation to their north east, Texas to their south east and California and Deseret to their west.
      As for Alaska, well that is a tough one, Need to figure how much if any of it is not occupied, how to get forces form the lower 48 to help them fight it out. But it will give me an excuse to have some Micro scale ships and jet combat over the coast.
      So high convectional fighting in the North. Mid to low intensity boarder conflict in Idaho (Snake River War)
      Fighting with Separatist (yes I know separatist)in northern Idaho "Bonner's Republic" with pretty much every thing north of Spoken, And East of Coeur d'Alene being militia country.
      (Canada is also getting tired of their crap and has threatened a few times to take care of them if Cascadia doesn't)
      And in the southern boarder with California has is problems too with people trying to carve The Constitutional Republic of Jefferson out of Northern Cal and southern Oregon.