Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cascadian Airforce

The Cascadian Air force is also well equipped with legacy Air Craft. While working deals with Boeing to accrue new F-22s they are still adequately set to defend their airspace and to even project force if need be.

The old Oregon Guard provided them With 2 Fighter Wings of F-15 C/D air supremacy Fighters.

Montana's old Guard contributed an Air Lift Wing of C-130 Hercules

Idaho Air National Guard provides an A-10 fighter wing along with a Jatac squadron of Forward air controllers.

And Finally Washington's Air Guard provide an Air re-fueler wing along with a logistics and Theater command wing.

The Aircraft provided by the Active air force consisted of 2 C-17 Wings, 1 F-15 Strike Eagle wing, and one more Refuler Wing with Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker

So that leave Cascadia air force with.

Cascadian Ministry of Air Defense.
First Theater command wing.
1 F-15 Strike Eagle Fighter Wing
2 F-15 C/D fighter Wings
1 A-10 Fighter Wing

I JATC Forward Air Controller wing.
1 F-22 Squadron (being made into a wing once the rest of the planes arrive and pilots complete there training)

First Logistics command wing.

1 C-130 Air lift Wing
2 Refuler Kc-135 Stratonker. (one Active/ one Reserve)
2 C-17 Wings (One Active/ One Reserve)

A lot smaller then some of the other commands but That is what I have at the moment. I am thinking I will also look at what Japan and the smaller Territories the US controls in the Pacific to come see if any thing else can be scrounged. I am hanging with the idea that Hawaii will all but become part of the New Cal Rep. But Maybe as a protectorate or kind of a commonwealth/Federation thing. With all the outer Territories also forming being drawn in. They don't feel like being absorbed by china or Japan ether, so having a alliance Guaranty with ether Australia, California and Cascadia might be a good idea.

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