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Cascadian Navy

Cascadia was again spoiled for navel assets after independence. The biggest problem was trying to figure out what was economically feasible to keep, to sale, and what to mothball for later use.

By the time of the events described here, There would be 2 Gerald ford and one Nimitz class super Aircraft Carrier located in the Puget sound. And while it would be cool to have 3 carrier battle groups along with all of there aircraft, its not viable. In fact one would most likely be to expensive to keep and maintain. And there are also currently 3 more decommissioned carriers just hanging out waiting to be scraped.
And lets not forget that the operation cost of a modern carrier, aircraft, Maintenance, manning, port facilities, air and support ship assets would most likely coast some thing like 6-10 billion its not a hard call to make.

So the mothballed older ships will all be scraped. One of the Fords will be sold to Australia along with it's air wing. And the Last Nimitz will be mothballed, with the last Ford. To pricey to keep active but most of its aircraft are still available if needed.
The last Ford was able to convince its strike group to return to port with it though so the fleet Order is.

Also there are 10 old Ohio class boomers in the sound. I am going to say 2 never came back to the sound. And 2 where already converted over to use convtinal tomahawk missiles so those are keepers.
Oh and One will become a civilian science and exploration sub

Cascadian Navy
Department of the Navy

Surface fleet

1 Ticonderoga class cruiser

1 Zumwalt class destroyer(I want one so I will have one)

2 Aeleigh-Burke destroyers (3 in mothball, they where part of the fleet out of Japan)

2 Independence-class Littoral combat ship (taking liberties because of them currently being stationed in San Diego)

2 Freedom-class littoral combat ship (also Taking liberties)

2 Supply Ships "reserve noncombatant" (see USNS Rainier (T-AOE-7)

2 de-miner ships

(Cruses ships and ferry's are used as need for transportation of troops and equipment)

Sub Fleet

3 Seawolf Class Attack subs

2 Ohio SSGN (guided missile subs)

1 Ohio class Drone carrier(converted)

2 OHIO class Amphibious warfare Subs (looking at the "Makin Island raid" and the old Greyback sub for this ideas. Take all the missiles out and slash the crew complement. You now have a sub that can transport well over 120 men. Maine problem is getting them to the shore after they leave the sub. thinking rubber boats and the like.)

The rest are mothballed minus the two that left.

Coast Guard.
Large surface ships (many smaller boats, tugs and an Air Rescue/patrol squadron)
1 Keeper-class cutter
3 Marine Protector-class coastal patrol boat
2 Reliance-class cutter
1 Juniper class Cutter

Navel land warfare branch

Since large amphibious operations are not an option for Cascadia, so this force will not be designed to storm beach heads and be a 2nd army for the government.

Cascadia Marine Raiders (Uses navel rank, Set up for quick coastal raids, insertions and surveillance)
One CMR Brigade.
Brigade HQ

Marine Raider Support Battalion
(supply, training, Engineer Co..Etc)

2 Marine Raider Battalions(1st Bat "Vikings", 2nd Bat "The Sea People")
Command Company
2X Raider Companies
1X RAW (Raider Weapons) Company

Navel Arms Men Bridge (security on ships, and shore installations)
2 battalions (Detachments regular will break off for shore and ship duty, Battalion is just for logistics)

Navy Divers Detachment (works closely with the Coast guard on rescue missions)
Diver Command
Diver training Detachment
3 Diver Detachments (each form four, 6 man dive teams)

1st Navy Infantry Battalion "Sounders" (Stationed in Puget Sound, they are Trained and equipped like a regular infantry battalion. They fall under Navy command because of the number of navy installations and inlets in the area. They also do ship to shore training and help with security of port facilities.)

Navy Air Wing (all currently Fall under the Air force with the loss of mothballing of the Carrier. With only the Helicopters Wings staying totally under navy command)
1 F18 growler fighter wing
2 F18 Hornet Fighter wing
1 P-3 P-3 Orion Squadron
1 c-40 Clipper Squadron
1 MH-60 Sea Hawk Wing

Now to see if a functionally HELO Carrier is an option.

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