Thursday, May 26, 2016

More Cascadia

So the history as it stands in the possible near future event is a very unpopular president is elected in the 2016 elections.
I will let the reader decided who that is.
But this increases the Separations between the now fragmenting DNC and GOP. Whos members start seeking 3rd party and even regional options instead of the old Red and Blue.
One such movement that was starting to regain traction in the American Pacific North West the Free Cascadian movement.

the movement was founded on environmental and left of center social ideals, it failed to grab the blue coaler and rural populations attentions until they also started to play up regionalism, and job protection...And finally toned down their anti-gun stances.
With in a few years it was not uncommon to start to see more displays of support for this "Cascadia" idea.
From collage campuses

To sporting events.
Across the nation people where bulking down with and looking for a "New Way". Spontaneous riots and political protests where becoming an almost dally occurrence combined which lead to growing repression from the federal government.
Add to this a laundry list of government scandals, terrioust attacks state side and the still on going wars in the middle east people where more then ready for a change by the time the 2020 election rolled around. But to every ones surprise congress declared all other cadets invalid and the very much despised incumbent won the election!
The collective shock of the results was compounded by the fact that on the day of their inauguration an Atomic weapon went off in the Capital mall, decimating the majority of the governments line of succession In one fail blow.

The nation understandable went into and up rawer! Who did this? Why? What should we do and who is in charge now?

Texas and California did not hesitate. With in hours of the attack they declared Martial law and emergency governments until order could be restored....It wasn't.

This lead to 3 years of fighting, starvation, migration and forced political deals to leave us at where the world is now.
The California Republic now controls Nevada, Amazon, while contesting a sizable chuck of New Mexico with The Free Mountain Republic of Colorado and The republic of Texas.

The Eastern Boarder foe Cal Rep is the Mormon State of Deseret, who made up for their lack of modern equipment with innovation and zeal. The Stalment eventually lead to a stalled conflict as the Californians became busy Suring up their conquests and home territories.

Back to Cascadia.

The movement had already taken hold and elected officials from the Cascadia party even held many locally post in both Washington and Oregon. This combined with a multitude of other similarities lead for the two former states to declared independence and to unit as a Single nation.
This was is known as the Evergreen Revolution by the new nation.


The honeymoon didn't last though. Idaho and Montana were deciding into Anarchy, With the remains of the Idaho government asking to join the new nation to help defend it from the Invasion in its south by Deseret.
This still on going conflict is known as the Snake river war, for it is along this river that the Nauvoo and other Deseret Legions where stopped.

The North of Idaho is not much better with most of Kootenai, Shoshone, Boundary, Benewah, and Bonner County declaring themselves the Christian Republic of Bonner. These territories are a constant thorn in the side of Cascadian officials with the Bonner light foot militias commenting many acts of violence on the new government and its people.
Patch from warn by a militia man of the Bonner Light foot

Montana was not doing much better with planes wars starting between different towns, ranchers and Native tribal groups.
It took all of the very limited political and military might of the new state to push down rout 90 up to Butte and then finish the drive on to Helena and Great Falls securing Maelstrom Air Force Base before declaring a halt to further Eastern advances.

And to cap it off, two years into the conflict the border between Cal Rep and Cascadia simmered and then light aflame as the Pacific State of Jefferson tried to be borne.

Comprised mostly of the Southern counties of Oregon and Northern most Counties of California, Jefferson was not a new idea. Many times the locals called for votes to leave their parent states to live a life better suited to there rural life styles free from the Freaks and confused peoples in Portland and the Bay area.
"The Core being the counties that voted for successes and the Greater being ones that have a large population that supports them"

The severity was reinforced when they closed down the freeways and imposed a toll tax of goods or money of any one driving though.
The endless cycle of collapse and anarchy had to end, so both nations arrested the ringleaders and have had to maintain special government powers in this region to try and maintain order.

But the boarder counties are still dangerous with bombings and assentation of government officials being almost on a monthly occurrence. There have even been a few military style ambushes on police and customs agents.

So now the setting. 10 years after the break up of the Old United States and the world is finally starting to come back to a since of normalcy.
And then the Russian Bear struck. Content to take full advantage of a now leaderless NATO. Russia secures its economic and political control of some of its more resistive neighbors. Along with a few Military Adventures on its western boarder to punish those who where too vocal in condemning Russian Actions.
They then turn their eyes back east, the economy is still not the best. But how to secure it. Aww yes the oil fields in Alaska! The US doesn't exist any more anyways so the old agreement no longer matters, and besides who is going to stop them? Canada? They are too busying trying to control their boarder with all the refuges. Should be a cake walk.

Russian Navel and Airborne forces Invade Alaska. Cel Rep, Cascadia and Canada scrabble forces to try to hold them back. And this is where we stand at the moment.

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