Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Continuation of the last post.

Continuation of the last post.

Laurentia (Great lakes Alliance)
Comprised of the States of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri and Indiana.

USA Or Vigina
Virginia, Maryland, Delaware Still retain the name of the United states of America, but to every one else they are ether Virgina, Uinon or just "Mil Gov"

The Commander of Norfolk Declared themselves to be successor to the US government, But was to preoccupied trying to coordinated US force over seas to consolidate and rebuild the government.
By the time the Dust settled in the Pacific, Middle East and US force Europe was finally able to make it back to the US, the Damage had been done. And known of the now independent states where willing to rejoin the Union.

Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia for the continues geographical nation of Appalachia.

The confederation of Southern states.

the CSA is not your great grand dads confederacy, Ether Geographically or politically. It Comprises the Stats of Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, And Louisiana.

Outer Banks

Is comprised of the combined nations of North and South Carolina. They are very closely allied with the CAS but are not members of the Confederation.

Empire State

Empire State is comprised of the old states of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the county of Fairfield Connecticut.

The Federated States of New England

The Last of the lower 48 Sates of the old US formed into the Federated Stats of New England or FSNW.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico no longer has to debate about going to statehood because they are now fully independent.

The Oceanic Kingdom of Hawaii

The Oceanic Kingdom of Hawaii is a Constitutional-Monarchy with the Royal Family mostly fulfilling a ceremonial role, and have no actually say in government.
They have effetely formed a union to all other smaller US territories in the Pacific, granting there independence. Or course at the same time, do to lack of resources of their own, Hawaii maintains trade, military and civil relations with Cascadia, Australia, New Zeeland, Canada, Japan, and the California Republic.
(Or pretty much any one that is not trying to take them or their territories over)

Alaska despite having a vast amount of land and resources lacked very much in the population department. In order to make up for this deficiency they marinated many of the old trade agreements they had post collapse.
They where even talking about entering into a Trade union with Canada and Cascadia before Russia invaded.

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