Monday, December 19, 2016

What if America Had Invaded Japan? (Operation Downfall)


  1. Fun fact - in 1945 my dad was in Vancouver, BC, joining the staff of the Canadian force that was being organized for Olympic. He and his comrades were delighted to hear of the A-Bombs and subsequent surrender, and he died thinking that Hiroshima was a good idea. I think it's undeniable that the A-bombs saved more lives than they took.

    1. Agreed, considering the first daylight fireing bombing or Tokyo killed more the bombs did individually, i would consider them a success.
      Japan was on the ropes by that time amyways, fleet destroyed, a million men cut off in China, the Soviet union joining in those removing any chance of a negotiated peace. And now toss in a single bomb that can do the job of a full squadron.
      Writing was on the wall, just had to deal with the never say die crowd in the government.

    2. With hind sight I think it would also be a great campaign to war game.