Thursday, April 30, 2015

little more work done

Ok some more work done on my INQ28 figs. I Changed the head out on this guy, Thought the chaos cultist mask was just to...Chaosish.
I also added a pistol and holster from war games factory sci-fi troopers, and a long dagger from a Empire hand gunners fig.
 photo WP_001313.jpg

 photo WP_001314.jpg

Added some more cables to the flamer wrath.
 photo WP_001319.jpg

Gun cherub

 photo WP_001315.jpg

 photo WP_001316.jpg

And added a pistol from Zinge Industries to the Interrogator, along with a belt from green stuff and pouches.

 photo WP_001317.jpg

 photo WP_001318.jpg

I need to start priming and painting now.

Friday, April 24, 2015

A few more new INQ28 items

First up, Hover Flame/chain sword servitor
 photo WP_001301.jpg

 photo WP_001306.jpg

 photo WP_001302.jpg

I will take care of the gap on his hood.
Any subjections as to how to make, or get convincing tentacles to hang below the robes would be most helpfully. :D

Also a Boltgun cherub, the gears will be cut out and pistol inserted in.

 photo WP_001290.jpg

 photo WP_001291.jpg
Female Agent, or Inquisitor

 photo WP_001272.jpg

 photo WP_001271.jpg

Going to give her a belt, another arm and once my order gets in a heavy revolver.

And a Vet Guardsmen.
 photo WP_001267.jpg

 photo WP_001266.jpg
Parts, Chaos cultists head, Skitarii arms plasma rifle, Cadian body, Legs and SM pouch's front loaded along with a SM big pouch as a Backpack.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Give them all 30mm while you're at it.

Bradley US Army Armoured fighting vehicle XM813 30mm cannon Protector ...:

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Steps into Inquisitor .

There seems to be a lot of love for this old GW game as of late. Or at least I seem to have picked up on that chatter.
Ether way I have decided to try my hand at making a few figs along the 28mm vain.

I like the idea of the hybrid story driven skirmish game opposed to the mass battle style of the regular table top that just leaves me cold these days. Also reading some of Mr. Dan Abnett's novels are not helping. Even the Gaunt's Ghosts Novels leave me wanting to know more of what the common man lives with in the Forty First Millennium. So I have been reading though my old copy of Inquisitor, Rouge Trader and trying to find any downloadable info I can find.
Busy also writing a background to us for the game too or at least missions.
Some day I hopefully will post them up on this forum.

So with out much more talking. Here are some of my works in progress.

The Group I have worked up so far.

Inquisitor, Agent, Noble, Planetary Governor, Rouge Trader He might be one of or all of these things. Not completely sold on the book and I need to add a garget or a chain to connect his coat together.

Heavy armored, boltgun armed enforcer. Thinking Former Arbitrate.

Using some Wood Elf parts I made this infiltrator/martial artiest Character.

Priest and doctor. Maybe name him Cadfael.

Another Agent, Inquisitor, Rouge trader, noble.

And I think I have spent more time then needed at my computer today.

The Duel at Blood Creek

20mm Elhiem Figures Modern US

The model bug has finally caught up with me again. so I am working of mins again. First we have some 20mm (1/72ed scale) Elhiem Figures Modern OITV US Infantry.

This guy is and 8 more of his mates will be painted up in the ACU/UCP pattern uniforms.

I also plane on knocking out at least a team of Empress 28mm also in ACU.

The rest of the platoon of 20mm and 28mm will be in the new multi-cam (scorpion pattern).
Thanks for reading.