Monday, June 27, 2016

Defense force District Central

Defense force District Central

The core government and military district of Cascadia.
Fist Division Ground component minus the 3rd Brigade are posted at the old Joint Ground-Air Station Lewis=McCord.

Along with What's left of the nation Air Defense units.

The Ranger Corp (airborne/air assault and Spec ops) are also posted out of Lewis-McCord.

With the Navy having many faculties located all around the Puget Sound.

Defense Force District South

Defense Force District South. DFDS

The Southern bounder is relatively secure and peaceful, the occasional Jefferson secessionist attack's being the exception.

The only active component stationed here is the Air Defense Commands 2 F-15 C/D fighter Wings out of Portland airport. (Kingsley Field being closed to save cost)

2nd Cascadia Division (Reserve)
Makes up the rest of the Defense force troops in DFDS, with the 2nd Mounted Rifles Brigade "The Dragoons"( Reserve Stationed all though out the District.

Defense Force District East (more Background)

Defense Force District East. DFDE
Is made up of Eastern Washington, Idaho and bits of Montana that Cascadia holds.

Patch of the 3rd Brigade Armored Rifles (Triple 3)

Third Divsion 3rd Brigade Combined arms( The Triple 3) HQ and it's Combined Arms Heavy battalion are located at Joint Ground-Air Defense base Mountain Home.
Along with a 1 A-10 Fighter Wing, 1 F-15 Strike Eagle Fighter Wing and
The Independent Attack Aviation Battalion along with the Air Defense Corp JATC Forward Air Controller wing.

Fairchild Air Defense Station holds an active Kc-135 Stratotanker, and Reserve C-17.

3rd Brigade 3rd Mounted Rifles Battalion (Stryker)
Is located at Maelstrom joint Air-ground defense Station.
There are also quite a few Cascadian Military Intl troops stationed in around the old radar and now decommissioned missile command facilities.

elements of the Snake River Regiment (reserve) And (The Braves) are also located in DFDE.

The Main mission of ground forces in DRDE is to defended the Eastern Boarder Against Invasion, raids, terrorist or Natural disasters.

Their main threats are forces from the Bonner County militia and Deseret legionnaires.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Clash - English Civil War..Part 2?

Most likely to early for most folks to think of this. But there is the 1930s "A very British Civil war", and the "Winter of discontent" 1979 crack down.
Would a Brexit UK crises be to far off the mark? Not in realty just thinking for gaming ideas.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Some updates on Cascadia

I am going to do some Changes for the military background.
The Navies F18 growler fighter wing, one F18 Hornet Fighter wings and will go to the Air Force.

The C-40 Clipper Squadron will Also got into the Air forces First Logistics command wing.

Leavening the Navy with its helicopters, one F18 Hornet Fighter wing and one F18 growler fighter wing.

The Air force will have its name changed to the Cascadian Air Defense Corp, Army to Cascadian Defense Forces and Navy to Cascadian Maritime Defense Force.
The ADC also Fall's under the CDF as the over all command branch. But it gets its own funding and like how the USMC is separated from the navy.

the ADC strength now stands at.

First Theater command wing.
1 F-15 Strike Eagle Fighter Wing
2 F-15 C/D fighter Wings
1 A-10 Fighter Wing
1 F18 growler fighter wing
1 F18 Hornet Fighter wings
1 JATC Forward Air Controller wing.
1 F-22 Squadron (being made into a wing once the rest of the planes arrive and pilots complete there training)

Drones are also being fully being used but I honestly don't know much about them so will have to look it what is plausible before I add them to the roster.

First Logistics command wing
Will consist of
1 C-40 Clipper Squadron (used as a more comfortable transport for military in a none tactical environment and often used for diplomatic missions.
2 C-17 Wings (One active/one Reserve)
1 C-130 Air lift Wing
2 Refueler Kc-135 Stratonker. (one Active/ one Reserve)
2 C-17 Wings (One Active/ One Reserve)
1 P-3 Orion Squadron

The ADC is experimenting with using civilian model or military model transports as drone carriers.

My finally change is that Medical, Supplies, logistics, communication..etc all go to the same school's. So the Logistics Corp members are just as likely to find them self's working on an Airfield, a CDF Camp or a Navy Cutter.
With only the combat and force specific job specialties having their own separate schools.

The CDF and MDF basic training is 8 weeks. This of course is an interdiction to the military and it way of life. The Ground combat school is where all Riflemen, Infantry and Navy infantry learn their trade before going to armor, mech, commando or Ranger training.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

War of 1812 and Sharp Practice.

Having read some Articles on Dalaupprors Blog page ( about some of the less well known conflicts daring the Napoleonic war era, I figured I look into my own countries small contribution to that era of history.

The War of 1812 was a military conflict that lasted from June 18, 1812, to February 18, 1815. That is a long time covering a vast area but with lots of small engagements with forces that would have been considered insignificant in Europe at the time.
And saw that the US system of relaying almost exclusively on militia for it defense to be very flawed.
It fallowed what almost seems to be a tradition of early American wars, of having a small inexperienced army lead by fools. Who after a time finally get there ducks in a row and finally start to win battles.

The conflict ended in a Draw between the US and Britain with the only victory being Canada because they proved that they where willing to fight and fight hard to not be apparat of the American experiment.

The War of 1812 also consisted of Wars in the Ohio river Valley against First nations peoples who where the real losers of this conflict. See Tecumseh's War and the Red Stick or Creek war.

There where also two wars against the Barbary Pirates and conflicts in Florida against the Seminoles and Spanish.

A lot of different forces covering a vast area, so in order to not overwhelm myself I will have to focuses on only a few places.

I am looking at 3 so far, the Niagara and Plattsburgh Campaigns, 1814
The Creek war, and the Chesapeake campaign.

All offer interesting uniforms and troops to paint and collect.
Luckily I Brigade Games is already starting to offers a nice collection to start.

I will also be checking out Perry plastics to see if I can proxy or convert more troops for American regular and uniformed militia.

Waterloo - The last battle documentary - Swesub

History The battle of waterloo..flv

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Russian Fed troops part 2

Finished my first batch of 7 Russian Fed troops. That is one squad down. and a platoon to go....I want to make two if not 3 honestly but one will do for now.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Russian Federation Troops

So enough ideas at the moment, here is a Russian Squad I am working on.

I am pretty much copying Paul's technique for Russian Federation troops.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Continuation of the last post.

Continuation of the last post.

Laurentia (Great lakes Alliance)
Comprised of the States of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri and Indiana.

USA Or Vigina
Virginia, Maryland, Delaware Still retain the name of the United states of America, but to every one else they are ether Virgina, Uinon or just "Mil Gov"

The Commander of Norfolk Declared themselves to be successor to the US government, But was to preoccupied trying to coordinated US force over seas to consolidate and rebuild the government.
By the time the Dust settled in the Pacific, Middle East and US force Europe was finally able to make it back to the US, the Damage had been done. And known of the now independent states where willing to rejoin the Union.

Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia for the continues geographical nation of Appalachia.

The confederation of Southern states.

the CSA is not your great grand dads confederacy, Ether Geographically or politically. It Comprises the Stats of Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, And Louisiana.

Outer Banks

Is comprised of the combined nations of North and South Carolina. They are very closely allied with the CAS but are not members of the Confederation.

Empire State

Empire State is comprised of the old states of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the county of Fairfield Connecticut.

The Federated States of New England

The Last of the lower 48 Sates of the old US formed into the Federated Stats of New England or FSNW.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico no longer has to debate about going to statehood because they are now fully independent.

The Oceanic Kingdom of Hawaii

The Oceanic Kingdom of Hawaii is a Constitutional-Monarchy with the Royal Family mostly fulfilling a ceremonial role, and have no actually say in government.
They have effetely formed a union to all other smaller US territories in the Pacific, granting there independence. Or course at the same time, do to lack of resources of their own, Hawaii maintains trade, military and civil relations with Cascadia, Australia, New Zeeland, Canada, Japan, and the California Republic.
(Or pretty much any one that is not trying to take them or their territories over)

Alaska despite having a vast amount of land and resources lacked very much in the population department. In order to make up for this deficiency they marinated many of the old trade agreements they had post collapse.
They where even talking about entering into a Trade union with Canada and Cascadia before Russia invaded.

Broken nation figure out

I have finally figured out how I am going to finish off my Broken nation setting. By figure out what happens to the rest of the old USA.

California absorbs Nevada controlling the major metropolitan areas, with only a few communities in the central part of the state still remaining true to the old Battle Born silver state.
California along with being the biggest single economy in the old US also has Space Lunch sights, a large national guard, Navy and USMC complement to take into this new great Pacifica nation.

Arizona tries to go it alone for a year, before a the rush of refuges on the Mexican board (caused by lose of services and food) spurs a response of Mexican troops occupying Douglas and Nogales. Californian Republic troops who where already in the city of Tucson securing the air base and distributing food moved to the board and after a tense stand off got the Mexican troops to back down for now.

After this Arizona is all but a territory of California with Cal Rep troops securing the boarder and both side of the Hoover Dam.

New Mexico suffers even worst then Arizona, With Texas shortly after declaring Independence invading and annexing all territory east of the the Rio Grand and Rout 25 South.
Albuquerque is completely surround on its eastern side and fences and a new boarder checkpoint. New Mexico's Emergency government was totally unprepared fro such violent action from in neighbor and has only made it to this day because of the Mountain Republic of Colorado.

The Mormon State of Zion and Deseret (Utah) or just Deseret.
Utah delectation of independence was fallowed shortly afterwards by a name change and a call for all true Mormons to return to Zion.
Along with all former Territories of Desert to try to also return if possible.
This has lead to an up surge in population, but also constant strife with it's neighbors (drive on Clifton and Grand Junction Colorado-Deseret boarder war, financing insurgents in Nevada, Occupation of Lincoln, Unitia, Sweetwater county and the frozen Snake River conflict)

The Mountain Free State of Colorado
Colorado has tried to weather the storm the best it can in these dark times. They are self sufficient with decent agriculture and resources. Along with a decent military that has so far sent all comers home with a bloody nose, but for how long?
They now effect to form alliances and trade deals to guaranteed their continued prosperity.

Navajo Nation
The Navajo Nation has been able to remain in the four corners region with out much of un upset of its territorial integrity.
One thing Deseret, Cal Rep, Colorado and what's left of New Mexico can agree on is to leave them be.

The Christian Republic of Heartland.
Kansas and Nebraska form the nation of Heartland, and aside from trade not much else goes on there.

Yellowstone Republic.
The Remints of Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota form the nation of Yellowstone. They have a very strong Libertarian strake boarding on Anarchism. With a resource, ranching and farming biased barter economy, with goods and services exchanged for the like. Communities will often as not chip in to keep the roads maintained and to keep services running.
No army only county volunteer militias, with Law being enforced at county citizen courts.

With in the Yellowstone Republic is also the Republic of Lakotah, comprised of many native first nations peoples who form a major power base in the region.

Republic of Texas.

Texas was one of the first states to move for Independence and one of the most aggressive when it came to enforcing its new nationhood. With Oklahoma joining the new nation willingly only months after the move for independence every one was caught off guard with Texas's moves to expand and secure its borders.
New Mexico was blind sided with a two pronged invasion up rout 25 and rout 40 and not stopping until they had ransacked Los Alamos. Before pulling back to the new border of Albuquerque and the Rio Grand to the West and the head waters of the Pecos River up to Colorado to the north.
Fallowing this forces where sent east to occupy and annex Louisiana.
This was the Final straw for the other remaining states of the old south who declared a reformation of the Old Confederation of states. Who where able to push Texas out of most of Florida Parishes but where not able to retake the Greater New Orleans area.

Now an uneasy pace and occupation exists along the Mississippi river.

That is enough for tonight but I will finish up the rest for you all soon.