Monday, June 27, 2016

Defense Force District East (more Background)

Defense Force District East. DFDE
Is made up of Eastern Washington, Idaho and bits of Montana that Cascadia holds.

Patch of the 3rd Brigade Armored Rifles (Triple 3)

Third Divsion 3rd Brigade Combined arms( The Triple 3) HQ and it's Combined Arms Heavy battalion are located at Joint Ground-Air Defense base Mountain Home.
Along with a 1 A-10 Fighter Wing, 1 F-15 Strike Eagle Fighter Wing and
The Independent Attack Aviation Battalion along with the Air Defense Corp JATC Forward Air Controller wing.

Fairchild Air Defense Station holds an active Kc-135 Stratotanker, and Reserve C-17.

3rd Brigade 3rd Mounted Rifles Battalion (Stryker)
Is located at Maelstrom joint Air-ground defense Station.
There are also quite a few Cascadian Military Intl troops stationed in around the old radar and now decommissioned missile command facilities.

elements of the Snake River Regiment (reserve) And (The Braves) are also located in DFDE.

The Main mission of ground forces in DRDE is to defended the Eastern Boarder Against Invasion, raids, terrorist or Natural disasters.

Their main threats are forces from the Bonner County militia and Deseret legionnaires.

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