Friday, October 9, 2015

Welcome to the Republic Zubrowka

Well I figured I should add some thing to the Blog.
Still having troubling sleeping with out the dog keeping watch, but I guess that is part of morning process.

But I have not been totally idle.

While trying to figure out a way to use my Empress Ultra modern Russians and BMP3 with out using too many real world events as the Bases. And it hit me while watching "The Grand Budapest Hotel". A great movie if you haven't seen it you must.

But back to the subject at had. The Republic of Zubrowka (apparently named after a polish vodka) is the setting for the movie. Its got a nods to a fascist government, conquest by a meaner bigger nation to there north, communist domination of the country liberation and a modern world where what seems a normal (for western Europe that is) Social Democracy is holding sway.

There is a capital city called Lutz. A mix between Vienna, Budapest and Prague so I guess that Zubrowka is a mix of those nations too.

A world famous pastry called Courtesan au Chocolat made by Herr Mendl's pastry.

So its got a little bit of clutter to make it lived in.

So now for the factions.

There is the far right wing party ran by Dmitri und Taxis Grand son, who also shares his name, looks, and bad attitude.
Flag of the Zubrowka Right party.

Comprised of the usually mix of football hooligans, bully boys, Thugs, angry young men and pissed off old men. All who think Zubrowka would be better with all the things those type always seem to cling too.

The Zig-Zag patch is the symbol they sport when they go to rallies, (too beat up and get beating up by the Zubrowka social people party) Football and curling matches, for a pub crawl or when the more militant decided to play solder and camp in the woods.

The Zubrowka social Peoples party are the raiment's of the old communist government, just kinder, gentler, with out secret police and political prisons. They spend their time striking for equality, striking for better wages, striking for more pay, striking for more vacation time, striking protest the existence of the Zubrowka's Rights party.

The May 5th Revolutionary guard People rights storm assault column.
Was originally a social club for old party members and veterans of the Great Patriotic peoples Revolution and liberation struggle.
But now its a place for nostalgic, and idealistic youth. Who want to bring back the good old days of Zubrowkas peoples republic.

And finally there is the Governments Polize Militia

Kubrowka national embalm.

The Polize Militia are a paramilitary style force, with both police and military powers.
With a mixed Armor Mech Blitzer brigade, a Para-helicopter trained Special Action battalion, 3 field Polize brigades(motorized) and one special civil action battalion.

And I am thinking this is the look I want to go for.

And here is the start.


  1. I thought it was called F*%$£%$ Lutz? ;-)

    A good start, well done! Imagi-nations can be a lot of fun, but can get addictive too... you have been warned.

    1. You are correct sir, F%×#! Lutz it is.
      And I know, I keep on making them up in my mind when I am bored, or when my boss is talking to me.
      But sadly all my fake imaginations musings seem to have come to pass over the past ten years. So I am psychic or the world is just that pradictable.
      But yes, they are fun, make a nation and add or take away what ever you want to make it your thing.